We currently support several projects  working with world reknowned scientists and biotechs to enable and accelerate drug discovery in CBD. Our collaborators are found spread all over the world.

Karolinska Institute (KI), Stockholm, Sweden
Per Svenningsson, Hans Grönlund, Lars Farde

University College London (UCL), London, UK
Tom Warner, Tamas Revezs, Helen Ling, Janice Holton, John Hardy, Nick Wood, Huw Morris

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, New York, USA
Peter Davies

Mayo Clinic,  Jacksonville, USA
Naomi Kouri, Dennis Dickson

National Institute of Radiological Science (NIRS), Chiba, Japan
Makoto Higuchi, Tetsuya Suhara

UCSF, San Francisco, USA
Adam Boxer

curePSP, USA

NSgene, Providence, USA

C2N Diagnostics, Saint Louis, USA

Cortice Bioscience, New York, USA

Alzecure Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden

Tau Consortium, USA

Research projects funded by CBD Solutions focus on:

Stem Cell Models (iPSc) - UCL
Skin cells (fibroblast), from patients with taupathies, is used to develop (Induced pluripotent stem cells) cellular models that better replicate the disease.

Genetics – UCL, UPenn, Mayo Clinic
Through GWAS and exome sequencing of pathological confirmed CBD patients DNA, we identify new genes that may increase  risk for CBD.

Pathology - UCL
By studying brains - donated by CBD patients, we map spreading and identify new disease mechanisms.

Animal Models - KI
New and better animal models are developed to test disease mechanism and drugs

Biomarkers - KI
Identification of biomarkers will improve diagnosis accuracy and enable quantification of disease progression

CBD patient cohorts - UCL
CBD patient cohorts is being constructed to facilitate future clinical studies and clinical trials of potential therapies

Brain delivery - NSgene
A new technology, using encapsulated cells biodelivery, is developed to facilitate antibody delivery into the brain

Scales - UCSF
New scales are being developed to facilitate quantification of disease progression and effects of future therapies

Tau antibodies – C2N Diagnostic
Development of Tau antibodies with therapeutic potential in CBD. The hypothesis that these antibodies will bind toxic tau and block disease spreading in the brain

PET tau imaging – NIRS, KI
Radio labeled ligands that specifically bind tau are evaluated  -- using positron emission tomography (PET) to visualize pathological tau aggregates in the living brain of CBD patients

Clinical trials – UCSF, Cortice Bioscience
Safety study of TPI-287 to treat CBD and PSP

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