Patient information

There are several organizations devoted to care for and support CBD patients and their families, spread awareness and education about the disease as well as promote research on neurodegenerative diseases. CurePSP and the PSP Association are two organizations that answer CBD related questions and provide support for patients, families and caregivers. There are also national organizations such as the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom and Parkinsonförbundet in Sweden available for patients and their families. You can also find more information, including experiences from other patients, in the CBD section of the internet forum PatientsLikeMe.

Many CBD patients and caregivers want to emphasize the importance of physical exercise to promote longevity, decrease the risk of falls and enable a more stable functioning. These positive effects of physical exercise are supported by published data, although it is important to be cautious about the risk of falling during exercise. It is therefore recommended that patients consult a physiotherapist to set up a training program for their needs.

CBD Solutions sponsor the development of a CBD patient registry in Europe. The purpose of this is to support clinical research in CBD and make future clinical trials possible. If you are interested in participating or would like further information, please contact Dr Ruth Lamb at University College London (

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